The Urge to Travel

Travel is in our blood, and privilege defines our experience, ability and desire to travel. Devon grew up traveling with her parents (hiking in Colorado, scuba diving in Fiji, RVing around the western United States), has spent her adult life traveling to 35 countries, and has lived overseas for more than 4 years total. James also grew up traveling with his parents (Italy, Australia and many United States); has visited 24 countries and 26 of the United States; and lived overseas for more than 2 years total. We simply love traveling and all of the discomforts and surprises that come with it.

Since the COVID-19 pandemic began in March 2020, we've definitely been missing traveling, as have many around the world. To satisfy our travel bug while still keeping everyone safe, including our baby on the way, we purchased a new but basic 21-ft travel trailer and a used tow vehicle. Our plan is to travel around Colorado and nearby states every few weeks, and a big summer trip in 2021 around the United States and Canada (if they let us in)! To chronicle our adventures, we'll be writing in the Harper Travel Blog, which you can also view below.