Natural Hazards

Colorado is home to extremely variable weather, including hot and cold temperatures, rain, snow, wind, fires and flooding, that should be considered throughout the year.  The following resources provide excellent information about a variety of weather.  Click on the images for the best resources we've found so far.

Fire and InciWeb provide update-to-date fire info in easy-to-use interfaces.  CalTopo with Fire Activity turned on is also useful!  Counties and forests also have more local maps:

Boulder: map list; wildfires, evacuations, and roads; incidents

Arapaho Forest: prescribed burns


Clear Creek


Air Quality

With fires and pollution changing daily, it's important to consider air quality to keep people healthy and happy, even when indoors.


Rain and snow vary daily and within microclimates, and the current droughts in the western USA make precipitation important to consider regularly.  Dryness reports and drought maps are also be helpful


Local weather forecasts have gotten very accurate, especially at  Just enter a zip code and/or click on the map to get a hyper-local forecast for the next week.


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COVID-19 by County


Knowing where you are and where you want to go has never been easier with online tools.  In addition to Google Maps, the following resources are a few of our favorites!


Probably the best mapping software out there, particularly for topos.

CalTopo View

See the mountains with labels from anywhere!  Just input an address.