About Colleen's Crafts

Colleen’s Crafts is a small, locally based business that offers the service of craft classes. The company is owned by one woman, Colleen O’Shea, and is located in Norfolk, Massachusetts. Colleen’s Crafts has been providing services since December, 2016 and is still demonstrating its superior reputation to the town of Norfolk and the surrounding area.

Colleen’s Crafts offers its services to a large variety of customers through ladies’ nights out, children’s birthdays, fundraisers, or team and staff bonding activities, accompanied with the supplies necessary for the project of your choice.

Colleen’s Crafts offers a traveling service which can include going to a customer’s house, school, or function hall as well as holding week night classes in her studio.

Colleen's Crafts reaches hundreds of customers by running its business through a Facebook page, Colleen's Craft, through this page, customers can communicate to organize and plan events.