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😸  Scratch Projects

Psst... Scratch not for you? Skip ahead... 👇

Are you up for a fight - Scratch style?



Can you make a maze AND solve it?


Rain Effect

Cool rain effect that you can use for spicing up your Scratch project



Yes, recreate the epic battle between humankind and zombies!



Scratch version of the wildly popular game



Have you heard of Pong, the game helped kickstart the video game industry.

"Own a piece of history" by making your very own Pong


Platform Game Template

If you're dreaming of creating a multi-level game, this project gives you some ideas to think about


🎉  Have fun learning to code

Python is a programming language used in many fields.

Neha created this tutorial series based on a Python book written for kids by Adrienne Tacke.

#intermediate #advanced

Galga: Space shooter in MakeCode Arcade

MakeCode Arcade has blocks like Scratch. But it is made specifically for creating arcade games.

Try your hands on making this space shooter, Galga.

#beginner #intermediate

MineCraft fans look no further.

Journey through Minecraft with code.

#beginner #intermediate

Dash by General Assembly - Build webpages

Learn to build webpages from the ground up

#intermediate  #advanced  #web

A TV show on channel 10 Peach featuring tips and advice for creating your own coding project

Brought to you by the Queensland Department of Education in partnership with Channel 10


ColabTurtle 🐢 - This code knows how to draw

Write Python code to create interesting shapes and patterns

This is a sample ColabTurtle tutorial created by CoderDojo Brisbane.

Learn more about Python Turtle here:
The Beginner's Guide to Python Turtle

#intermediate #advanced