Print books, E-books, Virtual Tours decoding and teaching you how to decode ancient mysteries. Plus Holy Grail coded gifts, homewares, clothes and more fun shopping. Discount coupon instructions at bottom of this shopping list.

Coded History Haight Ashbury Photo Book

A secret language hidden in architecture of Haight Ashbury Francisco telling the secrets of the Holy Grail and Da Vinci Coded. The real identities of the historical people that the Biblical Mary Magdalene and Jesus Christ were based upon and their children and descendants. Plus lost stories and adventures of the Knights Templar and more. Art and architecture history revealing solutions to world mysteries. Soft cover study companion or hard cover image wrap collectable print book. 252 Pages 8 inch by 10 inch with beautiful full color photos every page turn...

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Symbols of Mary Magdalene Ebook

Symbol dictionary of our heroine Mary Magdalene that uncover a different more enigmatic woman than current interpretations tell us. The symbols of Mary Magdalene form a profile of the real woman in history other than what history books teach in school. A woman who is both human and a major player and influencer on the world's political stage on a level with Cleopatra. Not the impoverished prostitute misinterpreted from the Bible.

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Coded Haight Ashbury Virtual Tour

Self guided tour and photo ebook of Coded Victorian houses, Painted Ladies, in the scenic back streets of Haight Ashbury, San Francisco. From your mobile device as you walk around Haight Ashbury or at home on your computer. A video tour of Holy Grail coded architecture and symbology that takes you on a journey to another version of history. A version of history where fairy tales become real.

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Gifts, Clothes, & Homewares

T-shirts, leggings and more, plus greeting cards, framed prints, cushions, duvet covers and more printed with graphics inspired by coded art and architecture . The designs in Holy Grail coded architecture lend themselves beautifully to original print fashion clothing, stationary, beautiful bedding, curtains, cushions, travel souvenirs, and more. Decorate your world in Gothic Coded History and the Sacred Feminine.

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