I’m a game designer and an art historian who cracked the real Holy Grail mysteries. I’m also a tech geek and have designed an AR game and crypto currency based on the book I published on my findings.

History is not what schoolbooks or Sunday school or Hollywood have told us. There are no new age winged ancient aliens angels with laser beams and flying saucers coming to beam us up. The problem is that government policy and religions and peoples’ prejudices are based on such crap, including prejudices against women. This is obviously very unhealthy for communities and the world.

Not all information is recorded in words, some information is recorded in symbols and shapes. When you know the backstories, all you need is a symbol or shape to recall whole epics. The truth is a lot more interesting and inspiring and full of strong fabulous women and written everywhere in plain sight in art and architecture. Sometimes without the designer or artist realizing they are writing it.

Coded History the game is an AR game, a board game, and a role playing game of ritual theatre with it’s own crypto currency. The main aim of the player is to learn and collect all the secrets, the backstories behind the symbols. The secrets compiled as a whole tell a different history of the world and the Holy Grail mysteries to what school books and Hollywood have brainwashed us to believe.

Coded History the game sets free the truth in a fun interactive adventure journey to ancient historical places of interest around the world. From the usual like Stonehenge in England, to the surprising like Haight Ashbury in San Francisco. It not only teaches real world history, but also the history of art design, and architecture without the school room or commercial media censorship. By setting free the truth that the Sacred Feminine is a lot more important on a socio-political level to humanity than that last 100 years has told us we set free women’s empowerment. We set free women to believe in themselves and others to believe in them.


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Hoodline.com Article by Stephen Jackson, nice guy. Local Haight Ashbury founded indie news zine reporting on what is happening in the community. Not the best photo of me.. sorry.

Mention in Books by Other Authors

HPI Chronicles HPI Chronicles Volume III: Beyond the Norm By Alison Breskin (but the person who interviewed me was a man.) This is about my earlier research in coded fine art, which I will gather and publish with funding. Nicer photo of me ;-

Archived Web Sites

Sangraal Truth https://sites.google.com/site/sangraaltruth

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