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Coded History Haight Ashbury Is a photo book of symbols in classical art and architecture that are a language telling different versions of history to what we were taught in school and brainwashed to believe by Hollywood. A real Da Vinci Code hidden in plain sight where myths and legends become real history. A beautiful journey into royal intrigue, and magical secrets of the Painted Ladies of of Haight Ashbury and Palace of the Legion of Honor Museum of Art in San Francisco. The book is 8 inch by 10 in book of 252 pages with full color photos, symbol dictionaries, histories, quotes, and explanations. It can be used an educational tool for design and history. Who were the historical people that Jesus and Mary Magdalene were based on? Who were their children and how to track their descendants to present day? Did the Knights Templar come to Haight Ashbury 700 years ago? ...find out get Coded History Haight Ashbury now on Blurb

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