Play with list

Can you solve all problems below?

a = [23, 44, 1, 233, 44, 55, 66]

# Q1: print out the third item in the list

# Q2: print out the first item in the list

# Q3: print out the last item in the list

# Q4: print out the last item in any given list

# Q5: print out all the items in order, in the list
#   use the for loop! 

# Q6: print out all the item from the last to the first

for x in range(10):
    print 10 - x

# Q7: print out all items in the list, ramdonly

import random

for x in range(100):
    index = random.randint(0,6)
    print 'a['+str(index)+']=', a[index]

# Q8: print out only even numbers in the list

# Q9: print out the largest number in any given list

# Q10: print out the second largest number in any giben list

# Q11: print out all prime numbers in the list

# Q12: sort the list (don't use the built-in methods)

# Q13: compare your solution of Q122 to a built-in method