print 'Welcome to Duel in Candyworld!'
print ''

name = raw_input('Type your name!: ')

print '''
{0} wakes up in a village inn.

{0} remembers that he has a duel with
the candy prince the very next day.
{0} didn\'t pay his candy taxes!
Because of this, his local government
was very mad at him. So, the village
prince challenged him to a duel!

{0} must now prepare for his duel
against the candy prince!

The candy prince has a very dangerous
candy sword to fight {0} with.

{0} can go to the village library or
bathroom to get a weapon!
Where does {0} go?

choice1 = raw_input('library or bathroom?: ')
if choice1 == 'library':
    weapon = 'Very Big Chair'
    print '''
{0} goes to the village library and
finds a librarian!

{0} asks the librarian,
\"Can you give me a Very Sharp Bookmark
to fight the village prince with?\"

The librarian responds, \"No, but
we do have a Very Big Chair.\"

{0} has acquired a Very Big Chair!
elif choice1 == 'bathroom':
    weapon =  'Very Smelly Toilet Plunger'
    print '''
{0} goes to his inn\'s only bathroom.

It smells very bad.
{0} wants to leave immediately, but
on the way out, he finds a
Very Smelly Toilet Plunger!

{0} has acquired a Very Smelly Toilet Plunger!
    weapon = 'fist'
    print '''
{0} doesn\'t know where he is going.

He trips on a rock, and faints.

print '''
{0} wakes up from his nap.

{0} realizes that he must duel with
the candy prince now!

{0} goes to his local government\'s

The candy prince was waiting for him

{0} immediately attacks the candy prince
with his {1}!

The candy prince, just before death,
screams, \"You will pay for this!\"

{0} leaves and goes back to his nap.
'''.format(name, weapon)