Republic of Grenada


Five main tree-to-bar chocolate producers .

Grenada is the smallest island in the world with the most tree-to-bar chocolate factories.

Number of farmers:

Size of area of cocoa cultivation:

Best practices (examples)

  • Belmont Estate (TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence 3x winner, restaurant, organic farm, craft market and heritage museum)

  • Grenada Chocolate Company (Mott Green's company inaugurated the tree-to-bar movement in Grenada)

  • Grenada Chocolate Festival (organised by Magdalena Fielden)

Cocoa/chocolate companies

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  • Grenada Chocolate Company, Factory & Bonbon Shop

  • Belmont Estate

  • Tri-Island Chocolate

  • Diamond Chocolate Factory (Jouvay Chocolate)

  • Mt Horne Cocoa Fermentary Station

Services/support for Cocoa stakeholders

  • Global Environmental Facility funded a solar drying wal; project called the Small grounds project in Babonneau. Currently it supplies young cocoa plants to farmer who are willing to transition parts of their farm lands into tree crops. The Propagation department of the Ministry of Agriculture produces cocoa plants at their nursery in Union to supply to farmers at a cost of ten dollars a plant.