Structural Mechanics

Current Member

  1. Hassan Ejaz (PhD Candidate) (Research Topic: Optimisation of structural members)
  2. Sameed (MS Candidate) (Research Topic: Effect of moisture on the plastics)

Past members

  1. Ibrahim Fiaz (Research Topic: Multiscale finite element modelling of woven composites)
  2. Hassan Ejaz (Research Topic: Non-parametric topology optimisation of adhesive joints)
  3. Ismail Khan (Research Topic: Buckling response of composite cylinders with cut-outs)
  4. M. Wasif Ali (Research Topic: Ballistic response of multi layer armour plates)
  5. Adil Muneer (Research Topic: Ballistic response of protection against high kinetic energy projectile)
  6. M. Zubair (Research Topic: Ballistic response of armour plates)
  7. Ammar Azam (Research Topic: Optimisation of composite T-joint)
  8. Arif Hussain (Research Topic: Chassis design for lorries)
  9. M. Saad Atiq (Research Topic: Finite element modelling of high speed machining)
  10. Hafiz Ejaz Ahmad (MS Candidate) (Research Topic: Optimisation of adhesive joints)
  11. Haseeb Ahmad (MS Candidate) (Research Topic: High speed impact of ceramic materials)
  12. Sameer Ahmad (MS Candidate) (Research Topic: Ballistic protection of multi-layer plates)