of the



February, 2001

Corporation No. 718418 7/16/74

Registered with the Franchise Tax Board as: Professional Association

Code Section: 23701e

Internal Revenue Service Employer ID No. 23 7381 856

California Music Educators Association, Capitol Section


1. Name

This organization shall be known as the California Music Educators Association, Capitol Section. The organization is incorporated, not for profit, pursuant to the general nonprofit Corporation Law (Part 1 of Division 2 of Title I of the California Corporation Code).

II. Purpose

The purpose of this organization shall be to support and to promote the best in music education and the highest standards in all phases of musical performance, through appropriate projects and activities.

III. Affiliation

This organization shall be an affiliate of the California Music Educators Association (CMEA), and of the Music Educator’s National Conference (MENC) National Association for Music Education (NAfME).

IV. Geographic Area

The following five counties shall be the geographic area of Capitol Section: Amador, El Dorado, Placer, Sacramento and Yolo.

V. Membership

All members of the Music Educators National Conference National Association for Music Education residing in the geographic area of the Capitol Section shall be qualified members of the California Music Educators Association, Capitol Section. The classes of membership shall be enumerated in the Constitution of the California Music Educators Association. The membership shall be in accordance with the Constitution of the California Music Educators Association.

VI. Amendments

This Constitution may be amended when a proposition to amend is approved by two-thirds of the active members voting.

6.1 Proposed amendments may be initiated by:

6.11 The Board of Directors

6.12 A petition presented to the Board of Directors signed by not fewer than ten (10) members.

6.2 When a proposed amendment has been initiated, the Board of Directors shall mail the proposed changes and the date of the election within thirty (30) days of the initiation.

6.3 The election shall take place not less than thirty (30) days or more than forty-five (45) days after the notice has been sent.

6.4 The approved amendment shall become effective on the subsequent July 1.


Article I Scope

The Capitol Section of the California Music Educators Association (CMEA) hereinafter “Capitol Section” shall be comprised of members from the following areas:

Area I: Amador County

Area II: El Dorado County

Area III: Placer County

Area IV: Sacramento County

Area V: Yolo County

Article II Membership

Membership in Capitol Section is automatic with membership in CMEA and the National Association for Music Education (NAFME).

Article III Government

1.1 Officers

All elected and appointed officers of the Capitol Section Board of Directors must be current members of CMEA in order to hold office

2.1 Executive Committee

3.11 Composition:

1.111 President

1.112 President Elect

1.113 Vice President

1.113 Immediate Past President

1.114 Secretary

1.115 Treasurer

1.12 Powers and Duties: The Executive Committee shall enact the polices of the Board of Directors.

1.13 The Executive Committee shall be responsible for policy development.

3.2 Board of Directors

1.21 Composition

1.211 President

1.212 President Elect

1.213 Vice President

1.213 Immediate Past President

1.114 Secretary

1.115 Treasurer

1.216 Choral and General Music Representative

1.217 Band Representative

1.218 Orchestra Representative

1.219 Elementary and General Music Representative

1.21-10 Higher Education Representative

1.21-11 Industry Rep

1.21-12 Golden Empire Music Festival and Solo & Ensemble Festival Chairperson

1.21-13 Technology Representative

1.21-14 Industry Representative

1.21-15 Webmaster/Social Media Coordinator

1.21-16 Awards/Banquet Chairperson

1.21-10 The appointed officers shall attend meetings but shall have no vote.

1.22 Powers and Duties

1.221 Establish policy for the administration of the affairs of the Capitol Section.

1.23 Appoint members to fill vacancies in office for the remainder of the current term.

1.3 Officers

1.31 The elected officers shall be all the members of the Board of Directors. Their terms of office shall begin the first of July following their election and shall run for two years or until their successors take office.

1.32 The Appointed Officers shall be appointed by the President with the approval of the Board of Directors. They shall be:

1.321 Secretary

1.322 Newsletter Editor

1.323 NAJE Jazz Representative

1.324 Student MENC NAfME Collegiate Representative

1.325 Legislative Advocacy Representative

1.327 Technology Representative

1.328 Industry Representative

1.329 Webmaster/Social Media Coordinator

1.3-30 Awards/Banquet Chairperson

1.3-31 Golden Empire Music Festival and Solo & Ensemble Festival Chairperson

1.3-32 Honor Choir Chairperson

1.3-33 Honor Band Chairperson

1.3-34 Honor Orchestra Chairperson

1.326 Others deemed necessary by the Board of Directors.

1.33 Duties of the Elected Officers

1.331 President

1.3311 To be the executive head of the Association.

1.3312 To preside over meetings of the Executive Committee, the Board of Directors, and all official meetings of the CMEA, Capitol Section.

1.3313 Shall have the power to appoint committees not otherwise provided for in the Constitution and Bylaws.

1.3314 To act as liaison officer for CMEA, Capitol Section.

1.332 President Elect

1.3321 To serve as membership chairman.

1.3322 To serve as Treasurer.

1.3323 To assume duties of the President in the absence of the President.

1.333 Vice President

1.3331 To act as coordinator of festivals.

1.3332 To organize conferences.

1.3333 To perform other duties as directed by the president.

1.334 Immediate Past President

1.3341 To act as chairman of the Nominating Committee.

1.3342 To act as chairman of the Constitution Committee.

1.3343 To act as Parliamentarian.

1.3344 To act in an advisory capacity for the Section.

1.335 Representatives – Choral and General Music, Band, Orchestra, Elementary Classroom Music, Higher Education.

1.3351 To have responsibility for developing and carrying out programs, workshops, demonstrations, etc., for conferences, special meetings, or special activities with the approval of the Board of Directors.

1.3352 To have responsibility for stimulating growth in their special interest area.

1.3353 To have responsibility for communication among state and section officials, teachers in their special interest area, other educators, and members of the community at large.

1.34 Duties of the Appointed Officers

1.341 Secretary

1.3341 To keep a record of all activities of the organization.

1.3342 To perform such additional duties as the executive Committee or Board of Directors may specify.

1.342 Newsletter Editor

1.3421 To publish and distribute the newsletter according to the policy of the Board of Directors.

1.343 NAJE Representative

1.3431 To act as general chairman of the annual Capitol Section Jazz Festival.

1.344 Student MENC NAfME Representative

1.3441 To be liaison between the Board of Directors and the

Student MENC NAfME chapter.

1.345 Legislative Representative

1.3451 To inform and advise the Board of relevant legislative matters.


2.1 Calling Meetings

2.11 Executive Committees may be called by

2.111 The President.

2.112 A majority of the Executive Committee.

2.12 Board of Directors meetings

2.121 Regular meetings shall be set in the annual calendar established by the Board of Directors.

2.122 Special meetings shall be called by:

2.1221 The President.

2.1222 The Executive Committee.

2.1223 A Majority of the elected members of the Board of Directors.

2.13 General membership meetings may be called by the Board of Directors.

2.2 Rules of Order. Meetings of bodies of this organization shall follow Robert’s Rules of Order Revised, except as otherwise provided in the Constitution, Bylaws and Standing Rules.

2.3 Standing Rules may be established by the Board of Directors.


3.1 Nominating Committee

3.11 The Board of Directors shall appoint a Nominating Committee of four including the Immediate Past President serving as chairman, by January fifteenth of the election year. They shall provide nominees for the elective officers.

3.12 Additional nominations, endorsed by ten active members of CMEA, Capitol Section, shall be presented to the chairman of the Nominating Committee by February fifteenth, and those names shall appear on the ballot.

3.2 Ballots. Upon receipt of the report of the Nominating Committee, the Executive Committee shall prepare a ballot and mail it to all active members by March first. Ballots must be returned to the Secretary not later than March fifteenth.

3.3 Counting Ballots. The ballots shall be opened and counted by the Executive Committee at a meeting called for that purpose.

3.4 The Results of the election shall be announced not later than June first.

4. AMENDMENTS. These Bylaws may be amended in the same manner as the Constitution.

5. RATIFICATION. This Constitution and Bylaws shall become effective when approved by two-thirds of the active members voting.