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The mission of the CMEA Capital Section Advocacy Representative is to advocate for robust music education in schools throughout the CMEA Capital Section.

The Advocacy Representative will do this by educating communities, administrators, and county officials on the importance of music education for the social, emotional, and cognitive well-being of students as well as the inherent value of music as an art form.  Education also includes informing stake-holders of California State Ed Code regarding music education as well as celebrating successes within the region.

The Advocacy Representative also communicates with the Area Representative Coordinator and the Area Representatives to determine which schools, school districts or regions need assistance with improving music education.  Communication also includes celebrating music programs for excellence in music education.

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Arts Education is Essential Statement – NAfME

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California Department of Education Arts Education Guidance 2020-21

Share this document with your school/district administration and communities about guidance and resources to support LEAs when determining how to safely provide music education in alignment with California State Education Code, Section 51210 and 51220.

High Quality Arts Education During a COVID-19 Impacted School year

Contact Information

Becky Stewart

CMEA Capital Section Advocacy Representative