Saturday, June 23 at 11 AM - 1:30 PM

John F. Kennedy High School

The opportunity to pay tribute to Nick Angiulo, for all who knew and were impacted and influenced during his lifetime.

PLEASE RSVP: A $10 donation per person towards food cost is requested (more is welcome).

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Important Announcement

By the end of June all current CMEA members will receive a ballot with the following (please check that your membership is current):

New Bylaw Adoption

Board Position Election Voting for

Middle School Band Rep

Middle School Choral Rep

Orchestra Rep

Higher Education Rep

Elementary Rep

Nominations for Section Music Awards int he Following Areas

Outstanding Elementary Music Educator

Outstanding Orchestra Educator

Outstanding Band Educator

Outstanding Choral Educator

Outstanding Administrator

Music Educator of the Year

If you are interested in runnig for one of the elected board positions and would like to be considered to be on the ballot please email Past President Santiago Sabado by June 15th.

Start thinking about who you would like to nominate for the awards listed above! Section Awards will be awarded at an event following the conclusion of our Capitol Section In-service on September 8th!

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