End of Lease Cleaning

What Does a Good End of Lease Cleaning Company Do?

There are plenty of cleaning companies in Sydney, Perth and throughout Australia that specialise in end of lease garden clean ups. This specific service is often invested in by one of two parties; namely the landlord or the tenant. In the former instance, a landlord might choose to have their property cleaned after a tenancy comes to an end in preparedness for a new letter. On the other hand, a renter might choose to have their accommodation cleaned to maximise the chance of getting their bond back in full.

In order to ensure a thorough clean, many people turn to dedicated cleaning agencies; particularly those that specialise in end of tenancy cleaning services.

What do these agencies do that others might not be able to when cleaning your investment property at the end of a lease?

For a start, the majority will have access to advanced cleaning products; many of which are only available to those within the industry and can’t be purchased over the counter. With these products, even the most stubborn of stains can be shifted – allowing a landlord to return their property to an excellent condition.

Furthermore, these companies will often employ highly experienced cleaners, allowing their personnel to tackle even the most daunting of tasks with minimal fuss. Although most people will be able to clean with a sponge and warm water; the difference that an experienced individual can bring to the table can often be far more appealing.

These types of cleaners will also usually be well-versed in addressing tasks in as rapid a time as possible. This can be especially helpful if a tenant hires the agency to clean a day or two before their rental contract expires; or on the other hand, if a property owner wants to list their home on the market again as quickly as possible to avoid any gap in income.

Other appealing advantages worth noting when using a specialist end of lease cleaning contractor

Although these experts could well be considered some of the most proficient in their industry; that doesn’t mean that they will charge an extortionate price in return for their services.

Due to the competition within the field it can be possible to hire a cleaning company for a very affordable price – and some particularly reliable ones even offer features such as 100% bond return guarantees, where they will cover the cost of the tenant’s bond if their cleaning doesn’t get them their deposit back.

A good cleaning company will understand that at the end of a tenancy, both parties will likely want to part ways on good terms – and a thorough clean can certainly help with that. The landlord will want to ensure that their home is returned to a functional condition, while the renter will have the aspiration of receiving their bond back; and this is why so many turn to cleaners for help on all fronts.