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Carpet Cleaning Methods

Whether you’ve just laid your new carpet, cleaning your home before you move out, or if you’re still looking after an original one – you’ll definitely want to know how to ensure that it stays in top condition day in and day out. Depending on the type of carpet that you have within your home, your cleaning method may vary, and it’s important to get the right technique so as to avoid damaging the fibres of your carpet. Here’s a look at the different techniques used for cleaning a variety of carpet types.

Cleaning Shaggy Carpets

Shaggy carpets often form the focal point within a room, and if you don’t care for yours properly, you’ll soon find the fibres folding over on themselves. This leaning-effect is expected, and the way that you clean your carpet can take a big toll on its lifespan. When cleaning a shaggy carpet, it’s very important to use a soft cloth, and non-abrasive cleaning agents. Warm water and a bit of salt are the ideal ingredients, and whenever you scrub one way, be sure to scrub backwards too to stimulate the fibres in to standing up right.

Cleaning Frieze Carpets

Frieze carpets could be the younger brother of the shaggy rug, and so the cleaning method will closely resemble the technique above. With frieze carpets however, it’s important to bear in mind that the colour can sometimes run. When cleaning, always keep a cloth close to dry away the water residue from the fibres. Alternatively, a hair dryer will be sufficient – just be sure to keep the dryer at a safe distance so as to avoid burning the fibres of the carpet.

Twist Pile Carpets

They are common within most modern homes, and are often considered the perfect blend of comfort and affordability. One of the main benefits of a twist pile carpet is the fact that there aren’t many crevices for crumbs and dirt to get in to. But that doesn’t fool-proof the fibres from other elements that lead to cleaning, such as liquids and food stains. The best way to clean a twist pile carpet is with a soft sponge and some warm water. The fibres are tough enough to take a good scrubbing, and the water will go to work to thin any stains. It’s also a good idea to add a little bicarbonate of soda to your formula, as this will break through even the most stubborn of stains.

Cleaning a Commercial Carpet

If there’s one thing that commercial carpets are known for; it’s their durability. That’s why many offices will have them installed – but they’ll still need a clean from time to time. Fortunately, the fibres are so short that stains aren’t a huge concern, and the toughness of each fibre is also strong enough to deter all but the most excessive damage. When cleaning these carpets, it’s possible to use industrial cleaning agents, as well as more common items such as salt, water and bicarbonate of soda. The best method however, is with a steam cleaner, which can often be too harsh to use on the carpets mentioned above.

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