At QMUL: Applied Econometrics (Graduate-M.Res Core)

At Cornell:

Empirical Methods in Public Economics (Ph.D. elective)

Economic Analysis of Politics (Undergrad elective)

Statistics and Applied Econometrics (Undergrad core)

At Stanford GSB:

Econometric Methods (All GSB PhD core)

Non-market Strategy (MBA core)

Cost-Benefit Analysis and Evaluation (Master of Public Policy)

Economic Policy Analysis (Undergraduate Elective)

At U.Penn (as a teaching assistant or a recitation instructor):

Time-Series Econometrics (Ph.D.) with Professor Frank Schorfheide (twice)

Statistics for Economists (Undergraduate) with Professor Gregory Kordas

Political Economy (Undergraduate) with Professor Antonio Merlo

Introductory Microeconomics (Undergraduate) with Professor Uriel Spiegel

Law and Economics (Undergraduate) with Professor Nicola Persico