Water Quality and Vegetation Committee


Mark Weisse


This site is intended as an aid for the CLAA Water Quality and Vegetation Committee. Documents useful for members to review prior to and reference during discussions will be posted . We will also include some educational resources and external links.

Page descriptions:

Water Quality reports: In 2017 we reviewed the 20076 Clark Lake report. An Annual Water Quality report is now an expectation. The report includes results of various measures of water health and a plan for the upcoming year. We also created a 5 year plan which is updated annually.

Monthly WQVC meetings: agenda and summaries of meetings

Critical Habitats: The 2006-2007 study identified locations of critical (sensitive) habitat. These areas may require permission from the DNR for modification such as removing plants, adding a pier, etc. View brochure, maps and article here.

Phragmites is a major invasive species in this area. This page includes the most recent maps and plans.

CLAA Ramp Volunteers , which is modeled after the DNR Clean Boats Clean Waters project, is another effort to prevent the introduction of invasive species . 2019 we will also be looking at new signage at lake access points to publicize invasive prevention and reporting.

Bulrush: The bulrush beds have been declining and these pages include information about their current status and protective and rehabilitative plans. Their preservation and reintroduction along some properties is another part of the Natural Shoreline.

Well Water Testing: Links and educational material about well testing and special challenges to Door County groundwater.

Natural shoreline: Lawns, impermeable surfaces, run off, shoreline stabilization, aquatic plants, fishsticks. 2019 we will investigate and recruit member volunteers to establish 35 foot vegetative buffers and other efforts to reduce runoff and stabilize the shore. Documents an dlinks to the DNR Healthy Links program and grants. The Fish Committee handles the fishsticks part of this program. Near shore emergents is part of the bulrush efforts.

Near Shore use; Efforts to reduce the disruption of vegetation and habitat due to Boating and other human activities. The Ramp Volunteers include advice about environmentally friendly boating as part of their mission.

Links to approved organizations for all member e-mail (request must be consistent with CLAA board all member e-mail policy)

Shores of Jacksonport

Bayshore Property Owners Association

Door County Invasive Species Team DCIST

Door County Environmental Council DCEC

Wisconsin Wetlands Association

Healthy Waters (Door Community Foundation)

UW Extension Lakes

Kangaroo Lake Association

The Ridges

Whitefish Dunes

Wisconsin Lakes