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Field Hockey Author

The books Understanding the Game, The Beginner's Guide, and Middle School Field Hockey Rules are the most popular of the books Cris has written. He is working on a new book to be called Umpiring Basics.

Umpire & Rules Training

Launched in 2016, more than 300 umpires and future umpires from around the world have taken this annually updated online course.

Product Development

Cris has developed products for umpires and players. Of those, the Bubba Ball, Dino Ball, and the Essential Equipment Kit Essential Equipment Kit have proven to be the most popular. Next up? Skillz Machine (

Field Hockey Clinician

In person and virtual Field Hockey Rules IQ and Indoor Hockey IQ presentations conducted for field hockey teams, clubs, and umpire groups. To learn more about these programs from Cris, click here.

Broadcast Announcer

35-years' experience announcing field hockey games at the high school, collegiate, and international levels. Contact Cris about announcing by clicking here.

Teaching Hurdling

Arising from his years learning how to hurdle, leading to setting a national record, Teaching Hurdling is a book that will help coaches teach hurdling skills to beginners. Click here to purchase from Amazon.
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