"In ten years these neuroadaptive training devices are going to be absolutely standard for training in any sport with a dynamic tactical component. It’s literally brain-hacking some of the dynamic nature of free play."  -- Jacob Paul, parent of a U14 player

Field hockey athletes use SkillzMachine to help develop ball control skills. Benefits include improved concentration, hand speed, eye-hand coordination, muscular endurance, and strength. Repeating the movements needed to be successful on the SkillzMachine platform are directly transferable to both field hockey and indoor hockey. Consistent use of SkillzMachine helps to establish the neuromuscular pathways that enhance the high-speed, close-control skills needed in games.  


Check out this updated overview of SkillzMachine. Athletes can train on any of 18 different skill challenges, 5 of which are two-player games. There are muscular, mental, and neuromuscular performance benefits that come with training on SkillzMachine. 


We traveled to the 2022 Shooting Start Jamboree to introduce the public to SkillzMachine for the first time. The reaction was extremely positive. We were overwhelmed with the players standing in line 12 deep for a chance to play. On the first day, we played "Exxtreme Speed Two Player". The highest score came from a U16 Bay State Field Hockey Club player. She made 184 pulls in 60-seconds. Close behind was 149 from a U12 player, then 129 from a U14 player, and 124 from the U19 Division. On the second day, we played "Hot Spots Two Player" with a high score of 58 coming in the U19 Division from NOOK Field Hockey Club.


Watch our player set up his SkillzMachine and get to work. The Skillz Machine platform is 68" by 32.75". It comes with a special field hockey ball that triggers the target lights controlled by the SkillzMachine's motherboard. The electronic timer and scorekeeper displays each have three digits, so you get very accurate results. On the market since 2019 for ice hockey players, the durability of the SkillzMachine's construction is proven -- it can take a beating. Click here to watch videos of athletes performing skill challenges on Skillz Machine.

SKILLZ Warning

WARNING: Using the SkillzMachine gamification platform might be addictive - players might not want to stop! Get better and better each time you play. Challenge yourself and your hockey friends to get the highest scores on multiple ball control games. Become a ball-handling wizard. Maximize the efficiency of your training time and use SkillzMachine for your ball-handling training at home.


COACHES: Implement SkillzMachine into your team's training routines and see the success of your players grow and accelerate in a very short time -- the skill development is trackable and comparable. Perfect practice makes perfect and there are no shortcuts to high scores with SkillzMachine!


"I love field hockey. I have for nearly 50 years. After I reached my peak as a competitive player, I turned my focus to advancing field hockey in the USA. Everything I've done in field hockey -- coaching, umpiring, teaching umpires, writing books, developing training aids, creating playing events, broadcast announcing, and publishing online -- I've done because I was convinced the effort, in some measure, would help advance field hockey in the USA. Skill Machine is fun, competitive, makes a great gift, etc., and I am convinced, it will help players get better."   -- Cris Maloney, SkillzMachine