I am so blessed as I love what I do! My initial focus is developing a positive rapport. This is of great priority, as the healing takes place within the context of the relationship. I primarily work with spiritually minded clients who are eager to grow. As an Interfaith Minister, I honor all the traditions.

Spiritual Counseling

This process combines psychotherapy and spiritual teachings. There are universal spiritual principles and practices common among the religions and philosophies of the world. Making small changes every day incorporating some of these practices can be life altering. Using a holistic approach to healing, we honor the relationship between the body, mind, heart and soul.

Transformational Coaching

This is life coaching that is transformative and powerful. I help you discover your life's purpose and vision. You will learn to build and co-create a life you Love living! It is amazing to create your dream life, but the real gift is who you become in the process! This is a 12-week commitment that is accompanied by 16 teaching CD's, 1 meditation CD and a workbook.

Wisdom Circles

I facilitate small groups (2-4) that teach spiritual practices as a means of healing, growing and learning to embody your highest self. Our purpose is to evolve our consciousness and soul. We share a commitment to our respective spiritual paths. We spend time meditating, developing and sharing our visions, and having fun! We learn to open and discover our true selves. It is very healing to open your heart and feel connected and well-regarded. People find that living their most vulnerable self is actually the most powerful way to live. I offer some structure, curriculum and light teaching. This is an approx. 8 week commitment that comes with handouts. I say approximate as groups have continued far beyond 8 weeks!

Spiritual Retreats

I provide mini retreats designed to help you nourish and evolve your Soul. Open your heart and experience the flow of Love in, as and through you. Come away feeling inspired, uplifted and rejuvenated!