About Me

With a Masters degree in psychology, I have worked with individuals and families helping create positive relationships, richer and more fulfilling lives for over 20 years . As a Certified Transformational Life Coach and Ordained Interfaith Minister, I offer spiritual and transformational counseling and mini retreats. I believe we are whole beings, seeking to heal body, mind, heart and soul. I find a practice of spirituality extremely healing. I teach spiritual principles and practices for clients who are interested in creating a soulful path. I will help you in discovering your life's purpose and vision as it relates to your relationships, career, health and creative expression. Whether you're looking to attain your goals or create your dream life, I have numerous coaching processes that are powerful for the individual who is eager to grow.

I have walked a spiritual path for over 25 years. Over time I became distracted balancing career and family. My spiritual practices waned. Several years ago, my family and I experienced a very difficult time that endured for over a year. It was a time of uncertainty and great fear. Thankfully I returned to my spiritual practices as I was brought down to my knees and pried open. No one is sheltered from some degree of tragedy or tribulation. I grew such an appreciation for my family and life itself. I am a seeker by nature, however this experience caught my attention and catapulted me forward in discovering deeper meaning and purpose both for my life as well as my clients.