This page was inspired by Kenny Johnston's README

Nicole's readme

My name is Nicole Schwartz and I'm the Product Manager, Secure at GitLab.


If we are communicating here are some things it might be helpful to know about me:


  • My strengths are documenting and organzing.
    • I have a wekaness around providing enough granular detail, please let me know if I have not been clear or detailed enough!
  • I tend to jump in where I see things needing some help whenever I can.
  • I type too fast and make spelling mistakes where there isn't a native spell checker.
  • I tend to be hyperbolic when brainstorming, ask me if you aren't sure.
  • I swear sometimes. Let me know if you mind and I will be extra dilligent to avoid it.
  • The more excited I get the louder and faster I talk, and it tend to include arm waving.
  • I believe in disagree, and commit.
  • I love to argue about ideas or things, but let's avoid people.
    • If you don't like to argue please let me know and I will take a different aproach of exploring ideas when working with you.
  • I often need to talk or roll ideas around with other people before they are fully formed. When I ask for comments or feedback on an issue feel free to rip the idea to shreds, constructively.
  • Outside of work I love to to travel, play games (RPG, board, video, console, mobile...), and anything to do with tea.
  • I have a cat, Slacks, and a rabbit, Pepper.


  • I enjoy being a Product Manager because it allows me to interact with customers, developers, designers, testers, and more. I love being able to help build a vision, get everyone on the same page, act as a subject matter expert on my area, and then have the ability to dive into designing or improving feature specifics.
  • I have been involved in the hacker scene since I was young, and before there was an Information Security industry. I am very excited to be involved in it as both a passion and a career.


  • When you need to reach me, here are my communication priorities and preference:
    • Slack - If I'm working, I'm on slack. I do not have sounds or alerts enabled. I may not be paying attention but I will check this most often. @ me into a thread so I can read it, or direct message me.
    • Email - I check email periodically throughout the day. I do not have sounds or alerts enabled.
    • SMS - Emergencies only please. Outside of work hours I'm hit or miss on SMS.
    • Phone - I am always in do-not-disturb mode and will not answer the phone unless I am expecting your call.
  • I prefer to avoid email and SMS for the following activities:
    • Items requiring discussion - better to create an issue, start a conversation on slack or setup a meeting
  • I consider Slack, Email, and SMS to be asynchronous. If it needs to be synchronous please setup or request a meeting.
  • If there is a timeline for a response needed, please specificy it. For example - "Hey, can you review the issue before our meeting tomorrow?"
  • I might message you when you are not working (off hours), on vacation, or on a weekend or holiday. You can absolutely respond when you want, I am just trying to get it out of my head and over to you when an idea finishes forming.

Teams I Support


  • Please provide feedback to me, in private, and specifically indicate it is feedback. It will work best if you are clear and specific.
  • Is there something I should include here to help you communicate with me? Submit a merge request.