Welcome to the online home of the Circle of the Silver Raven. We are an Eclectic Wiccan circle based in Lusby, Maryland, USA.

We are currently in the process of hiving off from the Circle of the Silver Phoenix based in Laurel, Maryland, along with our sister group, the Circle of the Silver Dragon serving the Rockville/Olney, Maryland area

The Circle of the Silver Raven focuses on in-person teaching. We have a three year curriculum that takes the student from Neophyte to Adept. We follow in the footsteps of our mother group, the Circle of the Silver Phoenix founded in 2005, our grandmother group the Chantry of the Silver Veil, founded in 2003, and our great-grandmother group, the Nomadic Chantry of the Gramarye, incorporated in Maryland in 1992. Our full moon celebrations are semi-open (email me for more information).

We are not a coven, as covens are usually closed (i.e. they are member only). If you are interested in taking classes from us,or celebrating the Sabbats and Esbats with us, please email us. We practice Eclectic Wicca, but have as many influences as we have members. Our emphasis is on in-person teaching and outreach.

Contact us at: rowancircle@gmail.com