Cincy Clips Inc. - Employees Only Page

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Register for your email account (only Salon Leaders, GM's, AM's, IS's and admin)

Request a cash advance for a supplies purchase for yourself and/or help with a personal hardship.

Request your Vacation (PTO) time and/or holiday pay for a holiday of your choosing

Other HR related issues:

  • Notice of Wage / Status Change
  • Request Personal Leave
  • Other info/concerns

We strive to create and maintain the most efficient, compassionate, and successful work environment as possible. If you have ideas, suggestions, concerns or requests AND can communicate this professionally, please provide the owners your feedback (anonymously if desired).

We will soon have an Intranet site that allows you to view blackout dates, your PTO and Holiday balances, calendars, Policy & Procedure manuals and more. Managers will have a separate section for personnel management.