Benefits at Cincy Clips, Inc.

Cincy Clips, Inc. has several hundred active employees. Some are full-time, some are part-time, a few are seasonal, but all are important to us.

Since our founding in 2002, we have developed a company culture to suit the needs of all employees that is professional, positive, fair, understanding and structured. Regardless of rate of pay, bonuses, benefits, etc., the ability to work in this culture is the primary reason why we have such low turnover. This environment provides a life-learning opportunity for personal growth, as well as a financial opportunity for personal wealth.

Here is some of what we provide:

  • Busy Salons / Tips - The vast majority of our salons are very busy. This translates into many customers per day per stylist, optimizing a significant part of your pay ... tips. Credit card tips are automatically sent to a company provided debit card for your security and convenience.

  • Management Development - The overwhelming majority of our managers have been developed and promoted from within. We have specific training courses and mentor programs that help identify and develop our management team of tomorrow.

  • Stylist Development - In addition to the opportunities at the Great Clips training center organized by Great Clips corporate, we have 1 or 2 industry specialists who work with schools and students. Once hired, the same industry specialists trains to any gaps that may be identified to help new employees start or expand their career at Cincy Clips, Inc.

  • Incentive Pay - We have various ways to identify and reward employees for going above the baseline expectations of the job. We have travel incentives to help cover shifts at other salons, productivity pay for when things get "slamming busy", product sales commissions, 6 day pay, Sunday pay, etc. We recognize that our employees often provide extra effort to provide additional customer support and retention, and we reward them.

  • Healthcare - We work with a broker to find a healthcare policy to help meet the needs of our employees who qualify. This is the same policy that the owners of the company participate in.

  • Retirement 401(k) Plan - Cincy Clips, Inc. has a matching plan to contribute to a qualified employees' 401(k) account. This is the same policy that the owners of the company participate in.

  • Paid Vacation (PTO) - New employees can immediately start to accrue paid vacation hours. We call it PTO (Paid Time Off). Based on pay-period (bi-weekly) hours, an employee can earn the equivalent of 2 weeks of pay each year. Employees with appropriate tenure and/or management positions may earn more.

  • Paid Holidays - Cincy Clips, Inc., is closed on certain holidays. We decided that we should not pick the holidays that you want to be paid, you should. The Holiday PTO is calculated in similar fashion to the Vacation PTO and the equivalent pay can add up to an additional week for full-time employees.

There is more, but hopefully you get the picture.