Landscape, Ecosystem & Geoinformatics (LEG)

by C.T. Chang

Latest News:

  1. The collaboration of Runoff and soil erosion responses to rainfall and vegetation cover has been issued in Land Degradation & Development [23 August, 2019]
  2. The collaboration of physical barrier effect of Mountain Ranges on Current Gene Flow has been published in Frontiers in Genetics [9 August, 2019]
  3. The assessment of spatiotemporal patterns of forest carbon density and storage in southeastern China has been published in European Journal of Forest Research [17 May, 2019]
  4. The DOC/DIC Transport to Different Flow Regimes in Tsengwen river watershed has been issued in Hydrology and Earth System Sciences [21 December, 2018]
  5. The collaborative work "Environmentally dependent processes in driving population and lineage divergence in Taiwania (Taiwania cryptomerioides)" has been issued in Frontiers in Plant Science. [8 August, 2018]
  6. The extensive MODIS drought-indices assessment across Taiwan's forests is issued in International Journal of Biometeorology. [17 May, 2018]
  7. Our latest study "Shifts in stream hydrochemistry in responses to typhoon and non-typhoon precipitation" has been published in Biogeosciences. [19 April, 2018]