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"Chuck Walsh is a new kind of disciplined writer who - unlike many of his contemporaries in the e-media age where everyone sees themselves as a writer - serves as a model of the old school where mastery of the art is the only way to earn (and truly own) the title, 'writer.' Walsh is indeed a writer in the purest sense, and a marvelous one at that; his mastery of the craft demonstrated by the ease, deftness, unpretentiousness and authority with which he tells a story."- W. Thomas Smith Jr., author, columnist, former adjunct professor of journalism, and a New York Times bestselling militarytechnical advisor and editor “Chuck Walsh is a master storyteller, a writer of extraordinary sensitivity and craftsmanship. Walsh’s fiction shows an uncommon understanding of his characters and their relationships. His writing is both dynamic and economical, with a special energy in dialogue that keeps the reader turning pages.” - Charles Israel, Ph.D., Professor Emeritus of English Too many books revolve around the story and end up as "page turners" with no depth. Like movies filled with explosions and chase scenes, providing moments of entertainment while consuming hours of our time. Chuck Walsh laid a solid foundation with rich characters and used them to develop a very personal, very gripping plot. You really get to know these people and care about what happens to them. You feel attached and invested. When the book is over it leaves you with a pleasant poignancy. You enjoyed getting to know these folks and you miss them now that it's over. The story captures a very special time in a very special place. I miss it even though I've never been there. The book was well researched, technically accurate and written with warmth. What emerges is a passion - not a project - which provides a welcomed relief from waves of commercial knockoffs.Charles L. (Marietta, Ga) Chuck Walsh's writing will make you laugh, cry, wince, and most importantly, realize the things that you hold closest are very rare and worth all the appreciation you so routinely and mindlessly forget.Robyn C.

Shadows on Iron Mountain

Shadows on Iron Mountain named Top 10 Finalist in Independent Author 2015 Awards for Murder Mystery Category
Jason and Kara have no idea the danger that lurks in the shadows outside the cabin they've rented on Iron Mountain. But when Kara disappears, it sets off a chain of events and abductions that sends terror throughout Johnson County.
When Detective Thomas Jordan is brought in from nearby Knoxville, he finds a world so untrusting of anyone not born on Iron Mountain that he feels his own life threatened.As the investigation becomes a series of dead ends, and more abductions occur, he decides to immerse himself into the land; the culture, hoping he can learn the ways of the mountain.The plan nearly costs him his life.
Come along with Jordan to the backwoods of the Appalachians to a world so reclusive and remote, you'll wonder how a world such as Iron Mountain could truly exist.


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