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Larry Ford, an American musician was born July 2, 1955 in Charleston, SC. His music influence came early in life from his mother who sang in the church choir and his father who was a minister and played the piano. He was also influenced by his older cousin J.C. who started a band (J.C. and the Entertainers) and moved to New York.

He took music lessons on the clarinet which he played from elementary school through college winning in competition a music scholarship to South Carolina State College which he did not attend due to other interests at the time which included going to Atlanta and attending Devry Institute of Technology where he majored in electronics and later transferred to Georgia State University majoring in music.

He started playing keyboards with a funk band called "Early Warning System" and later went on to collaborate with Harvey Whited Junior and Mike Petty to form the band "The Atlanta Connection". The band was so talented that they won a competition in Atlanta to go on tour in Japan. After playing in Osaka City Japan for five months, they returned to Atlanta and started touring with "Brothers Cornelius and Sister Rose".

Larry later moved back to his hometown of Charleston, SC where he became the organist for the Johns Island parish (presently) and played with bands such as the "Abe White Affair", "A Touch of Class Band", "The Unit" and "Beyond the Rhythm" just to name a few. Larry is presently doing a duo at a number of Charleston's high end restaurants with Abe White, Chris Williams and Brenda Metoyer while continuing to play in several bands and be on call for studio sessions. Larry has embarked on his first solo album called "A New Reality" which has been engineered and produced by his good friend John Bercik at Sun River Studios.

The new album is being received with great excitement by the community and is one of the most musical albums release in recent memory. Clocking in at 56 minutes, "A New Reality" takes you on a journey through a wide variety of compatible styles from Smooth Jazz, R&B, Reggae, Disco and Environmental sounds.

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