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Advancement Via Individual Determination


AVID started at Coronado High School in 2010. We believe that you can change the trajectory of your family's education history through focus and support. In AVID we work together, collaboratively, to support each student in AVID an opportunity to not only get accepted to college, but have the skills, study habits, organization and confidence to graduate from college. The AVID teachers are here to support students academically and emotionally. In AVID, we are FAMILY!

-AVID students take a course of rigor each year of high school (which can include dual-credit, OnRamps, AP or PreAP courses). It is our goal for 100% of all graduating AVID seniors to have either completed a dual-credit/OnRamps course OR completed an AP class with corresponding AP exam second semester.

-Basics of the AVID Elective Class: AVID is an elective class each year of high school. They take place throughout the 8 class periods throughout the school day serving 10% of the school population.

-Binder: AVID students are supported through organization tactics and expect all AVID students to have and maintain a binder and planner.

-Focused Notes: Students will be taught various note-taking strategies and the process in which student utilize those notes. Students will be asked to take Focused notes in their academic classes and will be shown in AVID for a grade throughout the year.

-Tutorials: Each Tuesday and Thursday, hired college-aged tutors work within the AVID elective class in a process called tutorials. This is a small group of students with like classes who discuss and get support over coursework they struggle with. It is a Socratic style of tutoring where questioning is the main form of inquiry.

-Community Service: Freshmen and sophomore students are asked to complete 10 hours of community service each year. Juniors and seniors are asked to complete 20 hours per year.

-Field Trips: AVID students take a minimum of 1 field trip to a college each year.

-Test Prep: AVID students are provided opportunities for SAT, ACT, TSI and PSAT test prep and financial support for some of these tests.

-Team Building: We believe collaboration and relationship building is one important key to success. We believe in getting to know each other and working together toward a common goal.

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