Organized Chaos

Author's Preface

As a child, I always loved the story of Alice in Wonderland. The plot of the story itself is so creative, and I love how the story is about Alice getting to visit a place she only once saw in her dreams. I am a public relations (PR) major, and incorporating PR into Alice in Wonderland immediately grabbed my attention. For those that don't know, PR is used to help companies, people, etc. keep a positive reputation, rely on ethics in decision-making and listen and adapt to the needs of the public(s) that they affect. I love PR because, as a very social person, it is very relationship-and-communication driven. Alice in Wonderland includes many wild characters that could use some communication and PR help in their own lives. Additionally, since the story is mostly told in Wonderland, I wanted to incorporate technology into it. All of these the changes I plan to make on my storybook reflect what I'm learning in school, which makes the writing process challenge my creativity. Thanks for reading -- Welcome to Alice, in (Modern) Wonderland!