Christos Masouros

Professor of Signal Processing and Wireless Communications | Dept. Electronic & Electrical Eng. | University College London

Contact Details

7.21, Malet Place Engineering Building

Torrington Place, London, WC1E 7JE

Research Interests

  • Signal Processing for Wireless Communications

  • 5G and Beyond Communication Networks

  • Large Scale Antenna Systems and mmWave

  • Radar and Communications Transmission

  • UAV Communications

  • Deep Learning Based Wireless Transmission

  • Interference Exploitation

  • Energy Efficient Communications

  • MIMO Beamforming and Transmission


Christos Masouros (SMIEEE, MIET) received the Diploma degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of Patras, Greece, in 2004, and MSc by research and PhD in Electrical and Electronic Engineering from the University of Manchester, UK in 2006 and 2009 respectively. In 2008 he was a research intern at Philips Research Labs, UK. Between 2009-2010 he was a Research Associate in the University of Manchester and between 2010-2012 a Research Fellow in Queen's University Belfast. In 2012 he joined University College London as a Lecturer. He has held a Royal Academy of Engineering Research Fellowship between 2011-2016.

He is currently a Full Professor in the Information and Communication Engineering research group, Dept. Electrical and Electronic Engineering, and affiliated with the Institute for Communications and Connected Systems, University College London. His research interests lie in the field of wireless communications and signal processing with particular focus on Green Communications, Large Scale Antenna Systems, Communications and Radar Co-existence, interference mitigation techniques for MIMO and multicarrier communications. He was the recipient of the Best Paper Awards in the IEEE GlobeCom 2015 and IEEE WCNC 2019 conferences, and has been recognised as an Exemplary Editor for the IEEE Communications Letters, and as an Exemplary Reviewer for the IEEE Transactions on Communications. He is an Editor for IEEE Transactions on Communications, IEEE Transactions on Wireless Communications, the IEEE Open Journal of Signal Processing, and Editor-at-Large for IEEE Open Journal of the Communications Society. He has been an Associate Editor for IEEE Communications Letters, and a Guest Editor for IEEE Journal on Selected Topics in Signal Processing issues “Exploiting Interference towards Energy Efficient and Secure Wireless Communications” and “Hybrid Analog / Digital Signal Processing for Hardware-Efficient Large Scale Antenna Arrays”. He is currently He is currently Chair of the IEEE Special Interest Group on Energy Harvesting and an elected member of the EURASIP SAT Committee on Signal Processing for Communications and Networking.

Research Highlights