Working Papers

"Tackling Gender Discriminatory Inheritance Law Privately: Lessons from a Survey Experiment in Tunisia". AEA RCT Registry on 20 February 2023

Work in Progress

"Managing Adolescent Behavior in the Classroom to Improve Learning: Lessons from a Classroom Management Program in Bangladesh" with Sule Alan, Kumar Biswas and Shwetlena Sabarwal. AEA RCT Registry on 15 March 2023

"Do High-Stakes Exams Deter Women From Applying to Top PhD Programs? Evidence From the Economics Profession" with Marta Korczak. Preregistered #162862 on

"Increasing Awareness About Organ Donation in a Low-Trust Environment: Experimental Evidence from Tunisia" with Maleke Fourati. AEA RCT Registry on 16 April 2024.

I am also a co-author of a large metastudy on Robustness and Replicability in Development Economics conducted by the Institute for Replication. PIs: Jörg Ankel-Peters, Anna Dreber Almenberg and Magnus Johannesson

Selected Policy Writing

Check out this blog post on Economics That Really Matters for a discussion of my recent research on gender equality in inheritance in Tunisia and a short interview:

"Private Ways to Tackle Gender Discriminatory Inheritance Law: Lessons from a Survey Experiment in Tunisia". Economics That Really Matters. 8 November 2023. Reprinted in La Fonte

"Governance in the Times of Corona: Preliminary Policy Lessons from Scandinavia". FREE Policy Brief. 1 June 2020. 

"Quota or not Quota? On Increasing Women’s Representation in Politics" with Pamela Campa. FREE Policy Brief. 4 May 2020. 

"The Swedish Exceptions: Early Lessons From Sweden’s Different Approach to COVID-19." FREE Policy Brief. 27 April 2020. Republished here by the Dahrendorf Forum.

"Women at the Top of the Income Distribution: Are Transition Countries Different?" with Jesper Roine. FREE Policy Brief. 2 March 2020.