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Your Big Sister's Guide To Surviving College

"Originally designed to give her little sister a road map through the college years, Christie's "Your Big Sister's Guide to Surviving College" has turned into a Bible for young girls struggling to find their way through freshman year. As the consummate Big Sister, Christie has dispensed advice not only to family, but also to a broader range of teenage girls."

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When You Can't Find Your Way With Words, I'm Your Guide!

As an editor and/or co-writer, I'll work with you as a supportive second pair of eyes and accountability partner to take your ideas, existing drafts, notes, outlines, napkins, cave drawings, etc. and turn them into your desired packaged content masterpieces!

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Build Your Brand, Grow Your Community, Tell Your Story

I got my start in this industry close to a decade ago as a blogger, brand ambassador, and social media influencer participating in countless digital media campaigns. I’ve worked with corporations such as Walt Disney World, General Motors, Beaches Resorts, Toyota/Lexus, Macy’s, ConAgra Foods, Omni Hotels, The Wine Sisterhood, and more.

Now, I use this unique perspective to help small businesses, entrepreneurs, and start-ups build their brands, grow their communities, and tell their stories. I work with them to create informative, engaging, and entertaining web and social media content, marketing campaigns, articles, and other digital experiences.

Industries: IT, consumer goods/retail, automotive, entertainment, hospitality/tourism, legal, restaurants, beauty, health/fitness, and education, and more

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Carey Bradshaw Black History Collection

My dear friend and phenomenal photography genius, Carey Bradshaw, commissioned me to put words to images he’s created for a Black History project. I challenged myself to not only make the photos “speak” to everyone who laid eyes on them, but to also convey Carey’s sentiment, motivation, and inspiration for creating them. Click here for the collection.

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In addition to my own blog, I have contributed to print and online publications with personal essays, product/event/entertainment reviews and recaps, informative/entertaining listicles, and motivational musings for current and aspiring entrepreneurs/writers. Here are a few of my favorites...

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  • MODE (contributor)
  • Hybrid Mom (columnist/editor)
  • Chic Galleria (columnist/editor)

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