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"It was my pleasure to serve on the Vizualpoint Social Media Forum panel with Christie Crowder. Her keenness to explore the unknown territories of social media technologies and then share the results with others comes through with passion, poise and purpose. She can craft a social media spell that will do wonders for your event, product or overall business. I highly recommend her."

Dawn Gartin - Customer Success | Community Engagement | Trusted Adviser

"Christie is one of those people that just "gets it".What do I mean? She understands that strong business relationships are what makes the world go 'round. She's not only great at creating content, buzz, and building a strong brand...but she's consistent, too. When they see the cream rises to the top? They were talking about Christie!"

Jessica Smith - Influencer Marketing at Weber Shandwick

"Christie is an absolute blast to work with. She has a real passion for what she does and she loves promoting others and their valuable efforts. I know that Christie will go far in whatever she puts her mind to and those that are around her will greatly benefit from it all. I have thoroughly enjoyed working with Christie and would highly recommend her to anyone!"

Angela Papay - Group Director at Acronym

"Christie is a dynamic and upbeat professional who focuses on presenting alternative perspectives to her clients of ways to assist them in achieving their goals. She commits her time and energy in an effort to improve the lives of her clients."

Chequetta Allen

"Christie is a witty, enthusiastic Blog Talk Radio show host who has an enormous passion for empowering women through social media. She uses her gift of gab on her radio show to build awareness of issues that are important to women, to uplift them, and promote their businesses. She not only gives you food for thought, but also feeds your soul. In addition to being a wonderful radio show host, she is a phenomenal writer, life coach, and social networking connoisseur. When it comes to social media and "girl power," Christie is top notch!"

Kelly Williams - Educator

"Christie is a very inspiring, creative and motivational coach. She not only gives great advice but she helps you think out-of-the-box. After working closely with Christie on a very personal base I am very pleased with my results towards my non-fiction book. I look forward to working with Christie again in the near future and would highly recommend her to everyone. Christie not only shared her expertise with me, she actually took my ambition to a higher level."

Dwan Perrin - Social Media Strategist, Professional Blogger and Mentor

"Christie is a passionate coach who helped me to find the courage to begin writing e-books and e-courses. She was able to help me see what my road blocks were as well as my writer's blocks."

Tara Dickherber, LPC, NBCCH

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