Vote Chloe McNamara for First Year Senator!

You can vote from 9/23 at noon to 9/24 at noon!

Why me?

As first year senator, I intend to represent each and every one of you and give you a voice in our student government. Big or small, I will listen to your ideas and make sure everyone in our class feels represented. I promise to devote myself to improving the lives of every single student within the class of 2023, so please vote for me as your First Year Senator!

Here are just a few of my priorities as First Year Senator:

To help everyone feel included on campus

Considering how large our campus is, my goal is to connect the 5 different commons and provide a platform where everyone feels like they belong. As First Year Senator, I will make sure to help every student on campus feel included and acknowledge that their opinion matters (because it does!!). In addition to that, I hope to bring together all the amazing groups on campus so we can be connected and be a part of a supportive community. Being a student-athlete, I hope to bridge the gap between different organizations and create a friendly environment for students to thrive.

To improve first year dorm amenities

Living in Battell these past two weeks has been slightly challenging. Between the burnt popcorn and teenage angst, first year dorms are a bit of a mystery. If elected, I plan on improving our living situation by adding important amenities to every hall. To start, I want to revamp the bathrooms by adding sanitary disposal units for feminine products and fixing the leaky faucets. I will also prioritize adding laundry facilities to every freshman dorm and am open to hearing suggestions about what matters most to you!

To make sure everyone has a voice

As first year students, adjusting to college and feeling empowered in classes and social events can be a challenge. One of my biggest goals as senator is to help everyone feel like they have a voice and can make an impact on our community at Middlebury. With me as your representative, I will be an open resource to help make the changes you want to see happen on campus. I promise to help you feel heard within our student body, so please feel free to reach out and I will gladly listen to your requests!