Why Hire a Professional Pet Sitter?

There's a kennel a few miles away. The neighbors have a kid that you're sure would be happy to play with your pet. Perhaps the pet would even be fine if you left it alone for just a few days. All of these are options available to the pet owner! However, having a professional pet sitter has some undeniable advantages.

  • A professional sitter has first Aid and CPR training specific to pets.

  • Your pet never has to leave the comfort of its own home, and may have more room to roam around.

  • An educated professional has the knowledge to recognize signs of illness in your pets.

  • A professional familiar with the needs of exotics will know their needs and understand their body language.

  • A professional sitter will not forget or neglect to come take care of your pet as scheduled.

  • You’re hiring an adult who can calmly handle emergencies.

  • Pet professionals are better suited to care for special needs or geriatric pets.

  • Your sitter is reliable and dedicated to your needs; they won’t cancel for trivial personal reasons because something came up.

  • A professional sitter is insured for the protection of your pets and your home.

  • A pet professional knows how to administer medications such as insulin.

  • An adult is better equipped to recognize and approach most issues with your home and property.

  • Pet Sitting is not a “gig” or “side job” to a professional sitter. They are completely dedicated to the care of your pets. Pets are their career.

  • A professional sitter will take responsibility in the unlikely event that your pet is injured, or your possessions are damaged, while under their care, custody, and control.

  • Professionals have policies and procedures in place and are prepared for most any situation that may arise.

  • Experienced professionals know how to best avoid unpleasant or dangerous situations, and how to react when necessary.