Rates and Services


Meet N Greet - complimentary

Schedule an initial home visit so we can get to know you, your pet babies, your home, and your routine! This meeting is required if you are a new client and would like us to sit for you. This meeting should last approximately one hour, depending on home size and number of pets.

If you are a returning client, and there has been a significant change in your routine or pet family, we can also arrange an update meeting at no cost.

Pet Care Visit Options

We are typically available to perform drop-in Pet Care Visits within the following time frames:

Mornings - Between 5 and 8 AM

Evenings - Between 5 and 8 PM

We do not offer midday visits. Pets who require midday let-outs should look into an alternate company.

We will try to be as consistent in our visit timing as possible, though the exact time may vary depending on the sitter's schedule for the day. Once-daily visits may fall closer to middle of the day.

Pet Care Visit - 30 minutes - $20

A single visit that lasts for 30 minutes. This is great for a few small pets and/or a quick potty break.

Pet Care Visit - 45 minutes - $24

A single visit that lasts 45 minutes. Ideal for taking care of several pets, or a longer playtime! 

Pet Care Visit - 1 hour - $28

A single visit that lasts 1 whole hour. Great for those who have a lot of babies, and/or want lots of playtime!

Sleepover - 10+ hours - $75   We are not currently accepting new overnight clients. Existing clients who we have done overnights for in the past may continue to request overnights.

An extended stay that includes all services for the evening and following morning. Ideal for large families such as farms that require more than an hour of work at a time, or any family that just feel peace of mind when someone is in the home at night. Stays often exceed 10 hours depending on sitter's workload with other clients! 

Further Description of Basic Pet Services

What happens during the Meet N Greet?

The Meet N Greet is crucial to the effectiveness of the sitter's professional services. Following is a list of what is involved and discussed in this initial meeting, including what information you should have ready to give the sitter. To help things go smoothly, have all instructions for the sitter prepared ahead of time.

Meet the pets – Some animals can be territorial in their home space. It is important that the pet sees the owner having friendly interactions with the sitter so that the pet does not view the sitter as a dangerous intruder. A short walk or play session will take place. If the pet owner believes that the pet may have territorial aggression issues once the owner is no longer present, additional exercises and preparations may take place to make the pet as comfortable with the situation and the sitter as possible.

Allotted Territory – A discussion will take place regarding where the pet is allowed to go inside the house, and where they will be walked (if applicable) outside the house.

Pet supplies – The locations of any supplies needed by the pet (bowls, food, water, litter box, medication, bedding, toys, cleaning supplies, leashes, etc.) must be shown in the place that they will be during the sitting. The owner will also show the sitter how and where they would like the sitter to dispose of pet waste and how and where to wash any pet beds or towels. 

Housekeeping duties – The owner must show the sitter where to place the mail or paper, if applicable. If the owner has opted for any extra duties, the procedures for these duties and location of any supplies will be discussed at this time.

House Emergencies – in case of an emergency, the locations of the following must be shown: Fuse box, emergency water shut-off valve, fire extinguisher.

Key Exchange - If the owner is satisfied with the Meet N Greet, they will provide the sitter with keys for use during the sitting.

What all goes on during a visit?

Upon arrival at the owner's home, the sitter will begin by picking up the mail and the newspaper, if applicable. They will then enter the home and perform a general walk-through of the premises to check for any irregularities in the home and the general status of each pet.

If the owner has specified that any house-related chores or check-ins should be conducted prior to pet care, they'll be taken care of after the walk-through.

Next, the sitter will attend to all duties involved in the pet's care. During the pet's care time, 

Following pet care, any additional chores specified by the owner for that day will be performed according to their directions. Let the sitter know if you would like any lights rotated or any trash taken out. Any add-on services for which you paid an extra fee are outside the specified time for the visit.

A final walk-through will be conducted before leaving the house.

Hooray Discounts!

Referral Discount - 50% off referrer's next sitting

For every new client you help refer to us that uses our services, you'll receive half-off your next day of sitting!

A La Carte for the Home

Paper and Mail Sitting - FREE

We'll be happy to pick up the paper and mail on our way in.

Plant Sitting - cost included in time frame.

Plants need to eat--er, drink--too! We're happy to take care of them as well!  Just be sure to consider the amount of care time that your plants require within the time frame that we have selected together. Example - If you have a garden that will take 10-15 minutes to water and attend to, along with about 30 minutes of pet care, let's select a 45 minute pet care visit.

Floor Sitting - $20 per room

This is a great option if you have pets that shed a lot or are generally messy! We'll give your carpet a quick vacuum or your kitchen a quick swiffer before you come home. Must provide your own cleaning equipment and a decently clutter-free floor.

Fridge Sitting - $20

This is a great option if you have been gone on a long vacation and/or are coming home late! You arrange a grocery pick-up with the store of your choice. We'll pick up those groceries on our final visit so that you don't have to come home to an empty fridge! A mileage fee may incur if the store is not along the route to your home.

Custom Home Sitting - Custom price

Part of our duty is not only to care for your fur/feather/scale babies, but to care for your home in the same way that you would. If there is some regular chore that you would attended to in order to help maintain your home, we'll be happy to assist.

**Key Sitting - FREE**

If you are regularly out of town, could be called away at a moment's notice, and/or plan on asking us to sit again, consider this option. We'll be happy to keep copies of your keys on hand (SAFELY STORED!), ready to use the next time we come over to play.

Extra and Oopsie Fees

Holiday Surcharge - $10 per day, or $25 per night

On specified holidays, drop-in visits will be charged an extra $10 fee for the day. Sleepovers will be charged an extra $25 for the night of the holiday. These Holidays include: 

New Year's Day (January 1).

Independence Day (July 4).

Thanksgiving Day (Fourth Thursday in November).

Christmas Eve (December 24).

Christmas Day (December 25).

New Year's Eve (December 31)

Key Pick-Up and Drop-Off - $10

Prior to sitting, the owner must leave two sets of keys with the sitter. The keys may be supplied to the sitter at the meet n greet for no extra charge. A key pick-up fee incurs if the sitter must retrieve the keys at a later time. 

Because emergencies and surprises happen, the pet sitter will not leave keys in the house on the final visit. In regards to returning keys to the owner, the owner may either enroll in the "Key Sitting" service for free, or may arrange for a drop-off with the sitter.

Pet Food Replacement Fee  - Cost of food plus $15, OR cost of supplies plus $25 if food is home-made

Be sure that your pet has plenty of food for your time away, and have extra food in case the sitter's services must be extended due to an unexpected delay in your return. This fee will incur if the pet's food runs out during the sitting and must be replaced.

Late Cancellation Fee - Cost of the First Visit

If you are no longer in need of our services, we request ample notice to let us know that you have cancelled. During a non-holiday period, failure to cancel by 7:00 the evening prior to the first visit so will result in payment of the visit for the first day of sitting.  

Cancellations made between November 15th and January 5th will result in a 50% forfeiture of the bill, regardless of how much notice is given. 

Neglect to Cancel Fee - Cost of visit

If a client forgets to call to cancel a visit, or they arrive home early from a trip and do not notify the sitter, the client forfeits the cost of the visit for the day.

Charges Disclaimer

It will be ultimately be up to the discretion of the sitter to determine how long a service will take, and thus how much the client will be charged. The sitter cannot be expected to complete a visit in what they believe is an hours-worth of work in 30 minutes. All services will be discussed between the sitter and the pet owner before the sitting takes place, although adjustments may need to be made as the sittings take place due to unforeseen circumstances. In these cases, the owner may be charged for excess time or services, or fees added, and the owner will be billed accordingly upon their return. Any changes made will be discussed with the owner.