Child Evidence Lab

About the Lab

The Child Evidence Lab is a team of student and faculty researchers who are interested in forensic and legal psychology. Our lab studies children’s participation in the justice system and the factors affecting child witness testimony, including memory and truthfulness. Together, with many researchers, our lab aims to learn about and find ways to improve the reliability of children’s evidence to assist all children who are involved in the legal system.

 The Child Evidence Lab is currently housed at Luther College, at the University of Regina. 

Our Research

At the Child Evidence Lab, we aim to better understand and improve children's participation in the justice system. Currently, we have many ongoing projects in the areas of child witness memory, child honesty, adult perceptions of children, children in Canadian courts, and Adult eye-witness memory. LEARN MORE

Getting Involved

Do you want to be involved in one of our research projects? We have many opportunities for community members to participate in ongoing studies and for students to get involved with research! LEARN MORE