Chieftains: A Surfeit of Lampreys

Saturday, February 24, 2018

A cloak and dagger event (taking place on Feb 24) commemorating King Henry I’s tragic death. According to legend (and chronicler Henry of Huddington) Henry, whilst hunting in Lyons-la-Forêt, ate a number of lampreys (against his physician's advice) and fell ill. Over the course of a week, Henry’s condition worsened and he died. Were the lampreys to blame or was something more nefarious at hand like food poisoning via assassin?!

(The latter makes for a better and more exciting story - and is really the inspiration for our event, so let’s go with it, shall we?)

We, The Barony of Three Rivers, extend a most hearty welcome to travelers near and far. Everything you need about the event should be here within the website. Should you find information lacking, please reach out to myself or Emeline and we shall get you what you require.

Always In Service,

Pádraigín AnEnigh & Emeline de Moulineaux

Schedule of the Days Events

So you've seen us post some amazing things that will be happening at Chieftains. But when? When will it all happen?!

Here is a schedule of the days events and the link to the website, showing the same thing.

9:00 am

Site/Gate Opens

Cut and Thrust Authorizations and Inspections

Rattan Authorizations and Inspections


A & S Class Medieval Gardens and Poisonous Plants by Mistress Slaine

Rattan Inspections and Authorizations

Cut and Thrust, Sword Style Dance Card Tourney

10:30 (ish) Rattan, Five Tourney Champion of the Chieftains!


A & S Class, Persian Miniature Dance Poses by Countess Catalina de Arazuri


A & S Class, Walk Like a Phoenician: Tracing the Origins of Belly Dance by Lady Melanie de la Tour


A & S Class, Embroidery for the Fearless: A Beginners Embroidery Class with Countess Belanna

Cut and Thrust, Cloak and Dagger Chieftains Tourney,

1:30 Youth, The Sneaking Falcon Spy School. There will be 3 training missions for children.


A & S Class, Medieval Cordials by Honorable Lady Alyce "Apple" Night: If students provide $5 they can take home the cordial they set up, but everyone gets samples!

4th Company Meeting


Youth, Sneaking Falcon Spy School “Graduation”



Immediately after Court