Chicken Power Team


Jefferson County, WV and surrounding coops*

*Eastern Panhandle and the DMV 

CPT #32 - Trash Pick Up and Dog Walk!

Next Trail Start: Chet Hobert Park Playground

Address: 255 Al Smith Cir Berryville, VA 22611 Berryville, VA 22611

Date: Sunday, April 14th, 2024

Time: Chickens meet at 10am!  Take off is ~10:20!

Mother Clucker(s) and Chick(s): Pebbles and the Gang

Theme: Dog-Gone Bye Bye!

Wing Span: ~2 miles, maybe a little more

Pasture (Shiggy) Rating: Established Trail!

Stroller Friendly?: Maybe?

Dog Friendly?: Yes - DOGS WILL BE PROVIDED

Trail Type: A to A

More Info:  Gather for a dog walk, chickens!


So a few weeks ago shelter said we could walk dogs sunday. When I called yesterday to confirm I was told they're closed Sunday so moving trail start to chet hobert playground.

We will have donuts and will go get lunch somewhere after.

Join us!

We will have the opportunity to walk some dogs for the animal shelter on trail! we won't know how many dogs available until that week so we will also pick up trash along the walk for earth day (thinking a minor cleanup, just a couple grown ups with bags).

Bring adult ID if you want to walk a dog and arrive on time to fill out forms

On-Hash House Hounds-On!

What the bawk?

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Gimmie the Coop, the Whole Coop, and Nothing but the Coop:

So we're not a  Hashing "Kennel" so much as a Hashing "Coop."

We're a monthly hiking group for families of hashers in muggle clothing and muggles who want to follow a flour/chalk trail and hang out with hashers. We are completely family friendly and focus on getting kids out to enjoy nature and have fun.

We meet at 10 am Sunday each month. The Sunday is chosen by the person in charge of that months trail.  A fun snack or beverage may be provided at the discretion of the planner that month, but otherwise it is BYO snacks/drinks for kids/adult beverages.

It is encouraged to plan something fun for the kids like a stop at a playground, maybe an ice cream place, or wading in a river, for example.

Trails can be laid in flour or chalk and should generally not exceed 2 miles. Having a stroller option or stroller work around is preferred, although not required.

While this is a hashing style trail, there are no circles or songs, other than to sing Chicken Powered Team as a warmup. Please use discretion when referring to people by name and use an appropriate abbreviated hash name or just nerd name.


So "This is not Hashing!?!" So, what is Hashing?
Wikipedia knows! Click HERE to find out!


CPT Objectives: 

- Promote physical fitness for families
- Get rid of monthly stress and have fun!
- Demonstrate for the kids an appreciation for the outdoors
- Persuade the older children their parents aren't as lame as they think they are

Looking for a similar adult group in our area? 

Visit W3H3 to hash every Wednesday or MsH3 to hike every Full Moon!