Hash House Harriers

"No Marks, No Lights, No Problem!"

A Full Moon Hiking Hash for Jefferson County, West Virginia and nearby areas*

*Hike in or within 10 miles of Jeff Co.

Moonshiners Hike #31- Wassailing Wankers!

Start: Casa de Hot Grinding

Address: 72 Village Circle, Harpers Ferry, WV 25425

Parking: Park at the Bottom of the circle on the straight away.

Date: Christmas Day Evening, December 25th, 2023

Prelube: Arrive as early as 4pm for extra hot liquid courage!

Trail Time: Circle at Sunset @ ~4:53pm

Hare: Hot Tub Slime Machine, Motorboat and Grinding Nemo

Hash Cash: FREE!!!

Trail Theme: Wassailing Wankers! Dress in your most inappropriate holiday finery!

Distances: around 3ish miles

Shiggy Rating: 3, defined trails and streets

Stroller friendly: A couple Big Work Arounds

Dog friendly: yes

Trail Type: A to A

Hike Details: Cum for some caroling about town with us to visit some of our favorite current and former hasher homes! We are making a list, and checking it twice and have at least a hasher's dozen of local stops in mind already! Will have hash song sheet music of appropriate hashy and muggly hash songs depending on our audience! Feel free to bring your own hash hymnal and you can teach us any additional songs while prelubing! Hot shots will be provided beforehand and along the route so surely our singing will improve!

ON- Merry Hashmas You Filthy Animals! -ON

Kennel Info:
Culturally, this is a hash. We hold opening and sometimes closing circle, have BC's/SC's, sing songs at vistas and use hash names. We even have something similar to a hashit called a hashackle to carry the hare provided beverages. However, what we do not have that most hashes have is a marked trail. This is because, ideally, we hike by the light of the full moon without our cranium lamps. We also do not run. This is a hiking kennel. We focus on being social and enjoying nature and the night together in the moonlight. This kennel is lead by the hare on a hike on established trails. At the start of trail, the voluntold hashackle victim acts as a sweeper hare and also earns hare credit. The lead hare will sometimes choose to move the trail up or back a day from the actual full moon to obtain better moonshine for MsH3 patrons. When the full moon falls on a Wednesday, W3H3 serves as the MsH3 trail and attendees get dual-trail credit. We also have a yearly full moon backpacking trip. 

MsH3 Objectives: 

-Promote physical fitness among our members

-Get rid of weekday stress 

-Acquire a good thirst

-Persuade the older members that they are not as old as they feel

Sign Up to Hare a Trail!!  Contact:

You need 5 Hashes (1 as a Hare) for Naming!

If you are looking for a marked trail, visit W3H3! Join the W3H3 Google Group and Facebook Group to get Trail Notifications and Discussion for W3H3 and also MsH3! Additionally, if you have Children, check out the Chicken Power Team website or CPT Facebook for a Marked Kids' Trail!

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