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Chicago's own Rocket Plumbing & Drain Cleaning with a helpful video about hidden leaks in our plumbing systems, and how to spot them before another rainstorm can create water damage.

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Great News From Rocket Plumbing! Their 450th positive review.

Great reviews are always good news! For example, local Chicago plumbing company, Rocket Plumbing, has been focusing their shop around a new drain cleaning technology that is superior to what their competition uses on Roots in drainage pipes. By promoting their new technology right here on Google Sites, their business has reached a new level, and now have new customers creating a feedback loop of Rocket Plumbing's new drain cleaning service getting all the right signals the public sees.


Brian's commitment to his craft and staying on the technical edge of his industry is visible by the full range of media content he uses to carefully explain the details of his drain cleaning services. Plumbings New Advanced Drain Cleaning Technology Results in a Very Positive 450th Review on th.pdf

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Same way 1000s of other Chicago residents did today. See your news here! Learn More. Outlook Symposium Summary of 2019 Results and 2020 Forecasts.pdf

Chicago Business Outlook from 1935

"CHICAGO, Feb. 3. -- A good record in manufacturing, general business and employment in almost all lines has been reported for January, and prospects for February are regarded by leading interests as favorable for a continuation. The automobile industry has furnished the greater part of the inspiration that has come into the situation, its annual shows attracting much attention and leading to many purchases of cars. "

Small businesses in Illinois …

  1. Support their Main Streets – The 1.2 million small businesses in Illinois are in nearly every neighborhood in the state.

  2. Provide opportunities – Illinois small businesses employed 2.4 million people, or 46 percent of the private workforce.

  3. Create jobs – Two out of every three new jobs created in the U.S. are from small businesses.

  4. Have unique items and services – Many small businesses craft their own products or feature those of other local entrepreneurs, such as artists, farmers and bakers, providing you a gift like no other for your special someone.

  5. Represent the country’s diversity – More than 311,000 small businesses in Illinois are owned by minorities.

  6. Change the world – SBA-assisted companies such as 23andMe, Apple, Ben & Jerry’s, Costco, Nike, Intel and Whole Foods all started small and have led the way of new ideas across industries.

  7. Support families – Approximately one in five small businesses are family-owned.

  8. Mentor others – Small business owners often make valued connections to others,including customers, suppliers and additional resources, and mentor young entrepreneurs and employees.

  9. Inspire us – Small business owners work countless hours, sacrifice their personal time and assets, improve their communities, drive innovation and follow their dreams.

  10. Open every day –About 400,000 new businesses start each year and and promise grand opportunity.

Chicago's Chamber of Commerce Key survey results include:

  • In 2018, there is a sharp 8% upswing in businesses that say the Chicagoland economy is getting stronger. Such confidence had been lacking in recent years. In 2015, 42% of small businesses said the Chicagoland economy was strengthening. That figure fell to 28% in 2016 and was nearflat in 2017, at 29%.

  • Confidence is especially strong locally. While confidence in the Chicagoland economy spiked 8%, it rose more modestly at the Illinois and U.S. levels; 3% each.

  • 71% of small businesses in the survey expect to see their revenues increase in 2018, a 12% spike from last year.

  • 62% of small businesses plan to expand their operations within Illinois in 2018, another 12% increase from last year.

  • 18% of small businesses plan to expand internationally this year, a 5% rise.

  • 42% of small businesses expect to add full-time employees this year, a 7% increase from last year.

  • The fastest growing concern of small businesses in the survey is Talent Acquisition,which rose 10% so that 66% of small businesses now worry about accessing skilled workers to hire.

  • The cost of healthcare is the second-fastest growing concern in our survey. It rose 6%, and, the survey shows, is now a worry of 88% of Chicagoland small businesses.

  • Taxes, and Regulatory Requirements are also rising, both up 3% from 2017. 82% of small businesses are concerned about taxes. 69% are concerned about regulatory requirements.

  • Small businesses are defined as those that employ 500 or fewer workers

  • Small businesses comprise 99% of all businesses, both nationally and in Illinois

  • Illinois has 1.2 million small businesses

  • 26% (311,609) of all small businesses in Illinois are minority-owned

  • 90% of all companies exporting goods from Illinois are small businesses. These companies generate $15 billion per year in exports

Chicago Labor Statistics, provided by U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics

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