Upcoming Seminars



Speaker : Prof. Adam Falkowski (Laboratoire de Physique Théorique, Paris)

Title : Low-energy precision frontier

Date : 19th November 2018 (Monday)

Time : 3:45 P.M.

Venue : Physical Sciences Auditorium

Abstract: Precision measurements are an integral part of modern particle

physics. Apart from determining the free parameters of the Standard

Model (SM) and testing its predictions, their role is to search for

signals of new physics. The presence of new particles beyond the SM,

even if they are very heavy, may affect scattering cross sections,

masses, or decay widths of the known particles. Precision measurements

of these observables may provide us with information about physics

well beyond the direct reach of the existing particle colliders. In

this talk I will review various sensitive precision observables,

focusing on measurements at energy scale well below the weak scale, in

particular on decays of light mesons and tau leptons, atomic parity

violation, and neutrino scattering. I will also discuss a model

independent characterization of the information provided by these

experiments in the language of effective field theory.