Master Barry Cook

In 2003 aged 33, Master Cook opened a Taekwondo school in Longton, but he believed that he could offer more than just a stand-alone Martial Art, so he began formulating and developing a Martial Arts method of his own utilising his knowledge, experience, and achievements of training within 5 different systems. Two years later in 2005, the foundations were set and the development of his own Martial Arts system was ready. Over the next two years, his mission was to finalise and prepare a top-level, systematic, scientific, and dynamic Martial Art that everyone could practice which resulted in the official formation and opening of the Cheongye Kwan Institute in 2007.

Master Cook has had training in many Martial Arts over his 42 years of training, as well as having received elite Military training and Unarmed Defence Training in Law Enforcement He has also received many commendations & accolades from all over the world, including the USA, UK, and Korea.

Master Cook began his Martial Arts career in 1979 at the age of 9 when he started training in Judo, achieving his first Black Belt in 1982 aged 12. Shortly after he joined Ju-Jitsu, and achieved his second Black Belt in 1985 aged 15. Later that year he changed to Shotokan Karate and achieved his third Black Belt in 1989 aged 19. A year later Master Cook joined the Kukkiwon method of Taekwondo achieving his fourth Black Belt in 1997 aged 27. So because of his experience and education, this gave him a solid platform upon which to develop his new teaching philosophy.

Master Cook is a graduate and holds a BA honours degree in Education, and is currently studying for a Master's degree in Education.