Welcome to the Cheongye Kwan Institute

The Cheongye Kwan Martial Arts Institute is a school of self-discipline and self-development, it does not condition students to conform to a standard set way of doing things using set doctrines and policies that would ultimately restrict them, but is considered to be a constant stripping of complicated maneuvres to leave the student with crisp, sharp, unimpeded reactions.

The Cheongye Kwan was developed by Master Barry Cook who believed that an aggressive encounter is impulsive and unprompted and that a Martial Artist should not try to forecast it, only react to it. He had tired of being frustrated during sparring and self-defence practice, always feeling restricted by the rules of the arts he practiced and having to hold back techniques that would have been more appropriate during the sessions but were disallowed due to their regulations. He thought this was completely opposite to the objective of effective success in a confrontation.

At the Cheongye Kwan, we believe that the importance of teaching Martial Arts is about focussing on our students as individuals, rather than the importance of what style is being taught or what organisation we are a part of.

We are mostly about helping our members to better themselves and develop as hardworking and productive members of their communities.