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*** Upcoming Events ***

These events are open to all families, all ages, who are currently using, or curious about, a Charlotte Mason approach in their homeschools. Email the contact people to receive event details. Please spread the word!

Jan. 11, 2020 :: Mother’s Day of Renewal in East Valley (moms only) ::

Feb. 14, 2020 :: Shakespeare Festival in Scottsdale ::

Feb. 28, 2020 :: Nature Show & Tell at South Mountain ::

April 21, 2020 :: Handicrafts Fair in North Phoenix / Scottsdale ::

May 20, 2020 :: Splash Pad Meetup at Rio Salado Park in Mesa ::

June 5, 2020 :: Gathering for Group Leaders in Downtown Phoenix ::

If you have questions about CM homeschooling, please stop by one of our events...we’d love to help!

Welcome! We created this website as a local resource for families in the Phoenix area who are following Charlotte Mason's principles in their homes. If you have any questions or recommended resources, please contact us!

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The Scottsdale Public Library graciously provided us with some recommended Arizona books. Until we add them all to the website, feel free to download their lists here:

Arizona Books

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