How do we do it?

Using your ideas and computer CNC software I bring your projects to life.

Projects can be designed from scratch or imported as Clipart, Bitmap or Jpeg files.

Some photos can be converted to grey scale, but these require refining and more computer time.

All projects are processed through a simulation and a 3D image of the completed design will be emailed or posted to you for approval, accompanied with a price quote, before I start cutting wood.

Maximum design sizes: Rectangle 32" x 16" Circle diameter 15" 3/4 inch max depth


Products are mainly made from Laminated Bamboo, Beech Block or Pine Boards. I sometimes have access to small Oak off cuts.

Specialist woods can be sourced at request but this does increase the overall cost and time to process.

Food Standard Mineral Oil is applied to any products used for food consumption or preparation.

I aim to complete orders within 14 days of acceptance, depending on complexity of design and time required.

straight off machine and sealed

masking removed after spraying

finished item scraped ,sanded and varnished