Me and "Charlie's Little Workshop"

Charlie's Little Workshop is the result of my woodworking hobbies, the love for working with wood, and its natural beauty.

I make unique bespoke products which are either engraved, constructed or turned on a lathe and personalised to your requirements. Every item I make is not only unique by being personalised but by the patterns (grain) formed in the wood itself.

Signs, Plaques, Chopping boards, Coasters, Clocks, Pens, Bowls, Key rings and more.

About Me

I spent 30 years in the Royal Air Force as an Aircraft Engineer and continue to work in the Aeronautical Industry.

I started working with wood over 30 years ago and enjoy using different machinery and hand tools to create a range of individual products.

My Aim

To give enjoyment and pleasure through my products and let you have the satisfaction of owning (or gifting) something unique and personal. From everyday items, something made for a special occasion or maybe a quirky gift.

My Goal

To support the MSA TRUST and promote awareness of Multiple System Atrophy (MSA) which is a debilitating disease, that attacks different areas of the brain, and for which currently there is no cure.

My sister was diagnosed with this condition several years ago, and sadly lost her huge battle on 18th May 2019.

Part of any sales, go to the MSA Trust for help in research and provision of specialists nurses to help patients and their families.