Slocomb Auditorium, San Jacinto College Central Campus

8060 Spencer Highway | Pasadena

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It is with great pleasure that we welcome your participation in this year’s recital. With our recitals, we strive to have an event that glorifies God as well as an event where our dancers can experience the fun and excitement of performing while using the gift of dance to honor Jesus Christ.

- Ms. Shanna and Staff








Arrival Times: 30 minutes prior to the start of your show

  • Dancers should arrive in full make-up, with their hair done and in their first costume.
  • Backstage Volunteers, Class Moms will be issued a LANYARD to serve as their credentials for being backstage. If you do NOT have a lanyard you are not permitted backstage for more than dropping off and picking up. Please respect this rule as it will be enforced by our staff for safety and crowd control.
  • All students will remain backstage with their class moms until called upon to line up for their dance(s).
  • Please feed your child before they arrive. No food is permitted backstage.
  • ON RECITAL DAY all dancers should enter the side stage doors which are located up the ramp by the loading dock of the theater at their call time. Spectators should enter the theater from the main entrance. No parents will be allowed to enter the theater seating from the loading dock doors at drop off.

Dress rehearsals

  • Attendance is mandatory for all participating Dancers and Backstage Volunteers. NO EXCEPTIONS!
  • The dress rehearsal allows the students an opportunity to become familiar with the auditorium surroundings and feel comfortable with their performance, costume(s) and being on stage.
  • Students are free to go once they have rehearsed all of their dances. Class moms will bring dancers back into the auditorium after they practice their dance(s). The finale will be rehearsed at the start of the rehearsal. Please be patient as there are a lot of people involved in recital.
  • Students should arrive by their assigned time fully dressed in their first costume with hair and makeup complete. When you arrive, please enter through the main theater entrance and sit in the auditorium for further instruction. If you have multiple costumes, you will give them to your class mom with all parts in the clear garment bag. NO EXTRA BAGS.

Important Dates

March 19: Volunteer Sign Ups Open on Sign Up Genius

March 29: Ticket Sales Open to Recital Volunteers

March 30 - 31: Studio Closed for Easter

April 2: Start Registering for Summer and Fall Classes

April 2 - 7: Costume Alterations During Classes

April 6: Ticket Sales Open to Everyone

April 9 - 14: Picture Week

April 14: Recital Program, Program Ads, Bravo Bear, and Rose Orders Due

April 18: Recital Program Ads/Encouragrams design/content due to info@charadance.com

April 20: Parent Hip Hop Dance Event

April 21: Father/Daughter Dance Review

April 23 - 28: Parent Week in Classes

May 11: Parent Hip Hop Dance Review

May 12: Dress Rehearsals

May 19 - 20: Recitals

May 30: Last Day of Classes

June 1: Last Day to Receive Discount on Summer Camps/Classes

June 4: Summer Classes and Camps Start

August 6: First Day of Fall 2018 Classes

Would you like a print out of all the information you see on this webpage for quick access? Print the handbook below!

Recital Handbook 2018